How IT Works
  • Keep Track

    • Monitor water level at desired frequency of time.
    • Alerts via SMS /Email on low & high levels
    • Track all tanks from single dashboard.
    • Digital Display at each location
    • View all tanks on google map.
  • Ease of Use

    • Wireless Monitoring Solution
    • Remotely Monitor the level in each water tanks.
    • Store Data for 5 years.
    • Plug & Play installation & commissioning.
    • Easy to Maintain.
  • INPUT Type

    • Analog: Level sensor, Rechargeable Battery voltage, Non- Rechargeable voltage
    • Digital: Power identification using 2 Digital Input
  • ON Board Module

    • RTC with EEPROM
    • GSM
    • Temperature And Humidity
    • Acceleration
    • Bluetooth
  • Power Supply

    • Solar Panel
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Non- Rechargeable Battery
  • Communication

    • SMS
    • GPRS (http server)
    • I2C
    • Bluetooth Serial
    • Working:
      Read level sensor data, temp. & Humidity values, Acceleration data, time stamp, power status, all battery voltages and send all data to http server / SMS
    • Setting of parameter is done through SMS / Bluetooth include reading time, sending time, and phone number.

Urban Local Bodies

Get real time water data in storage tanks at any given point in time from anywhere, keep track of electricity consumption & monitor the health of water pumps, thus improving your water management efficiency. Prevent water overflow, theft, leakages (non-metered revenue los).

Manufacturing Units

Optimise efficiency of your resources to maximum your ROI. Accurate data helps you in quicker planning and efficient operations leading to uninterrupted and seamless water management.

Commercial Complexes

Easy to analyse, configure and communicate, Arion Smart Solutions help you detect your problems quicker to improve usability and control incurring costs

Residential Entities

Monitor small leaks, irresponsible usage which cause big overhead costs. Bring down your society water and electricity bills and increase water savings. Upgrade your existing water management to smart water management.

Smart Pump Controller & Monitoring FAQs



A multifunctional, IoT based device with easy to use software for lucid visualization of all the parameters needed to effectively monitor and manage water supply-chain from pump house to distribution. A versatile and coherent solution that rests the entire operation of water distribution right there- in the palm of the decision-maker.

  • 40%efficiency improvement
  • 101average money saved
  • 3xwastage prevention